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Jun 3, 2003
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I have to take a portait shot, outdoors in a garden setting of the two CEO's of a company. Both are fairly casual/industrial type men and there is a definative height difference between the two.

I am totally stumped on what to do as far as positioning and composition for this photo. The men are the two top CEO's for an Electrical Contractor company.

Help please.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Wow, might be tough. Here's where I'd start. First, take the shot at dusk...absolute best lighting. And you don't want the back ground to distract from the I'd make it out of focus so I'd use an 80mm or so lens. Next, what is the picture portraying? Two powerful giants of the corperate world? Take a low angle looking up at them. This would be good for the cover of Forbes. Dedicated servants of the investors for the corperate news letter? Take a higher angle shot (over head level) from about 45 degrees right of center. The short guy closest to the camera (to even out the hight) about a step and both guys looking up at the camera. If you take the pic at eye level then the hight issue will be obvious, but higher or lower and the difference can disappear.

This is going to hard to not address the hight issue on the plan ahead to make it as comfortable as possible. Before the shoot, grab two candles of close but varying hight. Experiment and see how you can frame the shot of the candles and make the hight difference disappear. Click here for an example.

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