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Mar 14, 2006
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Poznan, Poland
A play with convention of fashion ads

The consumerism is eating Europe like a cancer. Even counterculture slang or strong, swear words are used by corporate propaganda to create imaginary lifestyles and widely desired cool image that one needs to build by buying expensive new items. This material greed is spreading equally strong on the edges of mainstream culture, on the borders of rich, saturated with consumer goods society, in slums populated by underprivileged and in homeland countries of new immigrants who envy our wealth and try to combine idealized lifestyle presented by western pop culture with their own traditions that have grown in very different way for centuries

1. "Freedom by Diesel" ( shot in southern Ethiopia )


John is wearing trousers by Xin Jang sweatshop, chain by Sudan National Steel

2. "Fcuk Europe" ( shot in Morocco )


FCUK means French Connection UK and is clothes brand especially popular in United Kingdom, a country with liberal politics related to immigration and full of ethnic communities that do not assimilate, sometimes living for years without even learning English language.

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Very powerful imagery, well thought and well presented :thumbup:
ceecookie said:
i tot FCUK was a well...indirect way of Fu*k
not a nice name is it?:neutral:
It was written that way on purpose. in the Uk they make t shirts etc with stuff like "fcuk me" on and phrases. It's a semi clever idea but definately caught eyes when they were first released because at a glance it's easily misread.
I've seen a "FCUK" store in a mall here somewhere - can't remember where - probably Texas or New York. It definitely caught my eye :shock: !

Nice captures!

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