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Dec 14, 2003
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Spring in the cemetery? I always love that first trip back to the old stomping grounds....the smell of the rotting dirt that has been uncovered by the thaws of spring... the gifts left behind by another tormenting winter....the new found fungus growing on the trees.........

Misplaced fake flowers

Wreaths still decorated from Christmas

Shadows forgetting where they belong

Still crying

Broken Rosaries

Helping others up.

...........alright...thats enough....will save the other 12 for a rainy day. Back to my crypt for a nap. :lol:
LOVE them...all of them......wonderful!!!!

...Can't wait to see the rest!!!!!
Lovely --- and so Andreas was right when he phoned me from Toronto Airport yesterday night (was afternoon when he was there waiting for his connection to Québec): he said there was no more snow in Toronto, not that he could see any, and the weather was wonderfully clear and bright!

You took advantage of that!
And what super-good advantage you took!
These, by the way, feel more "lightside" to me than "darkside", although they are cemetery photography. They were taken with such consideration and such eye for what all can be beautiful on cemeteries, and is meant to console and heal for those who mourn and find themselves left behind.

When I saw that remaining Christmas bauble, I thought: wow, this one's nice, then I saw the "misplaced shadow" and rose even higher in my chair thinking, "now THIS one's even nicer" ... and now I am practically standing up (and will soon have to go look for my jaw underneath my desk). They are all sooo good!

Please send more!
Tree fungus....mmmm...excellent...;)

Nice shots, love the 'Shadows forgetting' one especially. Has a nice vacant quality.

For sure, can't wait to see the rest... It's supposed to rain tomorrow...:thumbup:
What a beautiful, moving series!! Wow. I don't know what else to say. You really have a knack for showing the 'beauty' of a cemetery. Thanks for sharing these.

(Which cemetery is that, with all the nuns buried there??)
Thank you so much. Your all too kind. I wish my legs could have carried me further, but....that will be in time.

Corinna.....Andreas has sure picked some nice days to be here. I hope he has a safe and enjoyable time. :D Ya think he might be interested in a cemetery trip.? :lmao:

Jeanney, this is Mount Hope Cemetery. I had more mud on me from being there , then I would working in a garden. :lol:
You've captured the peacefulness and the beauty of the cemetary so wonderfully.

There is no place better than to get some good thinking done.

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