could you edit my picture for me please (Begs)


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Jul 27, 2013
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hi there matt here i wanted to ask could you help me out by editing a picture for me ... <Link removed>
all the best kind regards

matthew hawkins

hope to hear from you soon

sorry to be a pain

i really would love this done if anyone can help me i know i shouldnt be asking for free work but im afraid i have no money

i want to impress my nephew
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""Put a minion from despicable me movie on both sides standing next to me???""

Minions are copyrighted images.... can't / won't do it!
Mathew: Please understand that many here would be happy to help you with photo editing, but we wouldn't be very good photographers if we used the work of others without permission, since most of us would get upset if it happened with our work. While I can appreciate that it probably seems like it wouldn't hurt anyone (and I grant you in reality, it wouldn't), it would be a violation of copyright law, and that is something that we as photographers take VERY seriously.

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