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Nov 29, 2005
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Hey everyone! I just bought a kid's sprinkler toy and in the package I had a Coupon for a free child's Ticket for Six Flags. Since I'm in Canada it's useless for me... Here's what the coupon says:

Present this coupon at any US Six flags theme Park and receive one free child's ticket with the purchase of a Full-price, one-day general admission. Valid at any Six flags Theme park in the US. Not valid at six flags Waterparks or Properties (enchanted village/wild waves, frontier city, the great escape or Wyandot Lake) Offer is valid for one free child's ticket per coupon. Definition of a child's ticket varies by park based on hight of child. Please check with the park you plan to visit. Both tickets must be used on the day of purchase. Cannot be combined with any other discount admission offer including Sr. Citizen, Two-Day, Multi-Pack or Evening Tickets. Not valid on New Jersey Safari or 3-park tickets. Coupon cannot be sold or redeemed for cash and is void if reproduced. Operating schedules vary by park. Please call ahead or visite for specific operating hours. Offer expires December 31, 2006

Anyhow, there are lots of conditions but if this can be useful for someone, I'll gladly ship it for free.

Write me here - First come fist serve.


TheFinisher3 said:
Uh, NOT! :lol: just kiddin!

We seem to disagree on just about everything don't we? That's okay though, I still love ya!
don't worry... I disagree with everyone. :mrgreen:
oh... forget it then.

*tossing coupon in garbage*
BubblePixel said:
oh... forget it then.

*tossing coupon in garbage*

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound harsh but I work at Six Flags in New Jersey and have coupon nightmares everynight (JK). People come in with their buy one regular admission, get a junior admission free, but because a junior is measured by height the people always get ****ed off when their 5'5" 12 year old is not a junior because he/she is taller than the 54" line (4'6"). If they had just brought a coke can they would've gotten the right discount.

Ohh the troubles of selling tickets...
That's cool :D My boyfriend and I are going to 6 flags in July, but unfortunately neither of us are a child anymore. Then heart we are :greenpbl:

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