Crab REPRO 7.5Bil

They are Christmas Island favorite attraction. its not only the red crabs are over there, the tree crabs are also alot over there. you can find them hangging on the window grill or the gate of your hse. how freaky is that. but now the problem is, the red crab are facing a foe so deadly that it can destroy the entire population. yet, the foe is none other than Red Army Ants.

I wanna go there to take few pictures! its 30mins flight from singapore to there.
Ewwww.. It reminded me of when i went to costa rica and the first night there I was in a room with two rather shabby beds and 4 Huge crabs crawling around!!!

Lets just say it was a LONG NIGHT!!

I love animals but.... EWWWWWWW!


Sometimes I think you just have to admit that Mother Nature wins the round.

That was crazy when the babies hatched
Make sure you're wearing protection over there. Wouldn't want to come home with crabs.

The locals have a bit of a problem with crabs.

We were in the bedroom having fun and all I could see were crabs.

.....there's gotta be more....

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