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    I was working on a friends computer, and he had actions programed into the F keys. In particular, after I edited the pic, I would hit F1 and it would crop it to a certain PPI, image size, save it to a folder, and close. Now I know how to make the action, but I only had been using actions for batching a whole folder of pictures that needed the same action done. How do I assign a certain action to an F key?

    In case it matters, his computer was a mac, and I have a PC.

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    Doug Raflik

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    When creating a new action and the dialog box pops up to name it, you have a field for Function Key. Select which Function (F) key you wish to assign including if you want to use shift or control keys. F2, Shift F2, CTRL F2, and Shift-CTRL-F2 are all distinct keys and can have seperate actions assigned.


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