Creating a Giant Wall Sized Collage


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Jun 26, 2008
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So, bored last weekend, I went through a few years of photos. And, found a couple hundred photos that really represented highlights of the past year. Get togethers with friends, candids, real "do you remember" kind of shots

I thought it would be awesome to put these into a poster sized image that could be printed up and hang on the wall. I'm thinking HUGE.

When I've done something like this before it was on a much smaller scale and still possible in photoshop. Basically I'd create a canvas the size of the photos, and manually copy paste them in.

I don't really feel like spending the time to do that for two to three hundred photos. Does anyone know a graphics program I can point to a directory of photos and generate what I"m looking for?

If you've ever been in a lomo store, I was thinking of something like their walls of photos, but I'm lazy and don't want to print up and stick all those photos together either :D:D
Probably a lot more expensive to have one large print made, than to have 300 small prints made.

I'm thinking that one could create a contact sheet type template, with a large page size and 300 cells. Then it would be very easy to automatically populate the cells with your selection of images.

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