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    I am fairly new to digital photography. Been shooting film for years but due to costs have switched over for my commercial work. My question is:

    Is there a way to use Photoshop to make my images look more like Portra NC?

    I will say a few things before going further. I do still shoot film, so don't tell me to shot Portra NC if I want the Portra NC look. I do, and will continue to shoot film for certain projects, but when I have to shoot digital I want the look of Porta NC as well. Secondly, I know I can't get it exactly the same. I am not interested in matching the film grain. I am more so looking for the desaturated, contrast look that Portra NC gives. Thirdly, I am NOT interested in buying a program for make my digital work look more like Porta NC. I am looking to do all of this work in Photoshop so I can have complete creative control over the process.

    I am sorry if the above paragraph seems abrupt, or rude, but I have had people tell me that stuff before so I wanted to say that I am not interested in those options. Here is a link to a photographer who gets the look I am going for while still shooting digital:

    These are all from the same photographer and I know that she uses photoshop to adjust the images tone and contrast. I am just trying to learn how to do it too. If you have any suggestions I would be appreciative.


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