Creek in Iowa


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Jul 10, 2012
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This is a recent photo I took & edited with my galaxy s5.
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Wow! Orange water??
I'm guessing a channel swap took place somewhere along the line.
Not a bad composition, really. The colors from the edit give this an other-worldly appearance however. I like the large expanse of foreground grasses, and the ay the bank drops down to the creek in the foreground zone--pretty well-composed actually. with a natural visual lead-in to the creek. Pretty good for a smartphone shot in terms of lens quality/resolving ability. I think cropping out a lot of the sky zone would actually strengthen this shot quite a bit!
Creeks in Iowa close to improperly maintained Animal Containment Facilities (enclosed pig production pens) sometimes get to be that color.
Fines/penalties, and sometimes incarceration, follow soon after discovery of the tainted creek.
I agree with Derrel. e.g a 2:3 crop with the upper third placed somewhere near the horizon looks good.
Where's the mug shot? Someone should be in jail.

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