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Jan 31, 2015
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So I'm sitting here editing pictures from an event I shot this weekend and sometimes I'll zoom into the background and notice there was one guy or woman that appears to be starring at you. I've noticed this over the years, I think its quite funny but kind of creepy at the same time.

Anyone else ever notice such a thing?
I'm usually the creeper. Anytime someone is taking a photo it's almost instinct to look at them to see what they're taking a photo of. I don't even really care if it's a photo of me or something behind me - it's just a reflexive "My camera senses are tingling."
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Haha, people must think I'm weird when I'm taking pictures at an event of an subject that has nothing to do with the event. But this is what we do, always looking for a photo op.
all the time...

It's probably me (staring intently to try and read the model number of your camera...)
I was at a motor-"revival" (oldtimer-meet/-race) recently, using my camera, with a 250mm lens and a tripod, plus wearing a bright orange fleece-jacket.
Yet still, the very guy I asked for permission to occupy a certain spot kept walking into my frame.
At first he'd not even notice, and when I began asking him to step aside he'd look at me puzzled and walk off, only to return a minute later.
Ruined a LOT of great shots .

I got a few "classic stares" too, probably comes from using a (rather) large DSLR when most people use smartphones or small cameras.


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