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Jun 7, 2006
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In an effort to clarify the purpose of the Critique Forum, the following Do's and Don'ts have been updated.

First, the Do's:

DO read through ALL of these rules....if you fail to observe them, it's quite possible your image will be moved!

DO keep in mind the MAIN FUNCTION of the Critique Forum. It is not another Gallery for general critique. It is to provide an area for members to display images they are having specific problems with, where they can seek help or ask for advice. For example, you may have a concern with your composition, lighting, cropping, a model’s posing or other technical aspects about the image.

DO include specific information stating WHY you are requesting a critiique. When you post your image, include as much technical information about the shot as you can. For example, it can be helpful to know what your digital settings were, or what film type was used, and lens type used. After you have posted your image and the technical data, state your specific issues or concerns with the shot.

DO let others know when it is "okay to edit" your photos when offering you critique.

DO limit your upload to one shot per post, and keep the jpeg size to around 150 kb - avoid multiple images or linking to your web site to show a series. Such threads will be moved.

DO include "NSFW" in your subject title, if you are posting an image that is "Not Safe For Work" - or could be considered too risque in general for some people.

And, the Don'ts:

DON'T post in the Critique Forum if you are only seeking GENERAL feedback - such as replies to "What do you think of this shot?" If you are basically satisfied with your image, find the appropriate Gallery and post in there. If you get no replies in a regular Gallery and your image moves to the bottom of a page, remember, it is all right to bump your image to the top and ask for feedback again. The Critique Forum is NOT a replacement of a Gallery to gain more views.

DON'T post an image for Critique when what you really seek is help with a Photoshop action (or other graphics software). For example, if you are uncertain how to improve on HDR, or digital infrared, post those shots in the Graphics Programs forum (located under Digital Photography).

DON'T use the Critique forum to get feedback on your post-processing edits. This also falls under Graphics programs category, and such posts should be placed there.

DON'T post any images that are not your own. TPF has a rigid policy against copyright infraction, and any questionable images will be removed without notice.

DON'T become upset if you receive actual criticism over an image you've posted here. Remember, if you are basically pleased with your image, it probably belongs in one of the forum Galleries. If you can't take the heat, don't post in Critique!

Thank you for your cooperation and participation. We hope you find the Critique forum a beneficial learning tool.
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