Critter Photos! Experimentation with settings.


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May 30, 2003
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New photos.

All of these were taken yesterday at the zoo. I've attempted to use different settings on the camera to see how they would turn out. Unfortunately most of my "experiments" didn't turn out, but there was an exceptional few that did. I don't remember quite what I used for each picture as I took over 300 shots, some turned out good, some didn't turn out at all. You can go to my site WGG to see all my photos. Below are the links to the ones I think turned out the best. Most of my pictures online I have used PSP8 to enhance contrast and smoothing some of the pixilation from my digital camera (Olympus C-700 2.1mp). For the marine shots I also used a color corection filter to remove color cast (green tint).

Anenome The anemone shot is untouched, just resized.

Tiger contrast enhanced and cropped.

Timber Wolf I blurred out the fence behind the wolf. I am happy with this photo, as I had to shoot this one through glass, from a distance, and at full zoom. I was expecting to see myself in the reflection of the glass. :p

Camel **giggles** smile at the camera!

Billy Goat I'm sure he wanted to nibble my camera!

Leopard This one I took through a cage and attempted to eliminate the cage "smudge". I'm undecided whether or not I like it. The original image was fairly blurred to begin with.

The big fish This one is just plain luck. The fish stopped right under the light and waited for me to take several pictures before moving off. I'm very happy with this one.

Great looking critters there :) I'm partial to the Tiger photo because I'm a big fan of cats. Especially the big cats :D
I think your underwater shots have turned out best and those are the shots that I rarely have any luck with. Cage wires and bars are a real pain. I litterally stuch the lens through the wire to get my leopard shots. I did have to dart back quickly from anther cage when a panther leapt at me but it was grat fun.

Very often its our failures that help us to learn.

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