Crop?...or not


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May 14, 2003
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Indianapolis IN
This an unedited image scanned by an online lab. Should it be cropped and if so, where? Before I have it printed. First roll of HD. I like it!

On one hand I'd say crop the leaf out of the left, but then on the other hand u'd need to crop out some top and that doesn't need to be done, so i'd say just leave it alone.
Very pretty water lily! Leave it just like it is. It's very nice.

Definitely like this shoot a lot, think I would try removing the leave in the top left corner, by using clone and painting over it
I would leave it just how it is....very nice...its like conflict in a peaceful could do plenty w/ ps but I only like to do what I can with ps that I can in the darkroom.
I'd clone out the bright white spots in the middle of the water...but you're asking for crop?

If you crop tight to the left stuff - then you're creating a nice picture of this flower that's been done before. If you leave this crop, you leave people wondering why you left SO much space in the middle - what if you compromised and moved the right side more onto the left and took out about 2/3 of the negative space in the middle in PS or PSP?


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