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Cross Country Portrait


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Jul 12, 2006
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Los Angeles
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My friend asked if I could do a few shots for his senior year. All comments and critiques welcome and appreciated


Hey Josh, nice job. I photograph a lot of seniors and that particular pose is one that all the seniors like. Only thing I would have changed is that I would have had him make more of a fist with his left hand. But that is just a personal opinion, I'm sure he was very happy with the result.
If by cross country, you mean a cross country runner, I usually shoot them running at the finish line.

The first one has too much exposure on the his left of his face.

The lighting and bokeh are much better in the second, but still alittle hot on his left shoulder. The "serious" facial expression is better in the first, however.

He looks more like a wrestler than a runner.
In the first one I was trying to go for the brighter side so it's a little more interesting then your normal flat team portrait.

The second shot is a 70-200 f4 L while the first is a 50mm f1.8. You can see the difference the L makes in that bokeh.

I didn't even notice the hand before but now I can't stand it lol. Next time I'll pay more attention.

This guy really is really big, especially for a runner. He's bigger then most of the football team and isn't even on it.
I agree that his left side looks a little bit too hot. The crops seem a bit close as well. Also, were you standing below him? I've heard before that people sometimes shoot from below to give the subject the impression of power. Which I think gives that to him here, but I also wonder if it would work better if it was taken from just little bit lower to make it seem more on purpose. The way it is now doesn't seem like it was done on purpose and more like you were just standing at the bottom of a slight hill that he was on. He has a good serious expression!
What's that white streak on his biceps? I like the second one better, too, as his face isn't in the shadows like it is in #1.
What's that white streak on his biceps? I like the second one better, too, as his face isn't in the shadows like it is in #1.

I'm not sure, but I think it's a scar.

I like the second one a fair bit more than the first, just because I like the background better. I wish the pose didn't have to be so strong, a bit more relaxed might have been nice. But, being about that age, I know how guys wanna seem. I know I like to come across strong and powerful.
Thanks for all the comments and opinions :)

I do believe it is a scar on his arm. For the prints he wants I'm going to fix it up a bit.

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