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Aug 24, 2008
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So, I'm going on a cruise in a week and I just remembered how annoying the photographers on board can be and figured I'd make a post about it, this summer my whole family (26 of us) took a cruise to Europe, but when it came to taking shots of all of us 1) The photographers wouldn't take a picture with my camera which is understandable. but 2nd) when I went to take the picture myself the guy tryed to argue with me saying it was "his" photo and I couldn't take it, in the end i told the guy to bug off and took the picture. Anyone else have any stories dealing with hired photographers and yourself? -Alex
I actually can't complain at all about the photographers on cruises. I have taken a few cruises and even got married on a cruise and never had any issues.
Kardon, why would he say it was his picture? Did he pose you all? Were you in front of his background? I ran into something similar at a aquarium where someone was trying to take pictures in the designated photographer's area using his props and was asked to leave, and I did not blame them one bit. If you are using his stuff (props, backgrounds, etc) then you are in the wrong, otherwise, you did right to tell him to bug off!

My fiance is actually planning a cruise wedding as I type this. We were just going to do a destination but she thinks the cruise might be more fun for everyone. I hope I dont have the same problems the OP had. I guess ill have to bring my tripod and use the self timer if I do.
We took the photo on a staircase, I pretty much set everything up all he did was take the photo with his camera then I jumped down grabbed my camera went to take the photo and he said I couldn't because it was his work, took it anyways came out great and now my photos sitting in everyones home....not his :)

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