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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by flipmack, Dec 3, 2003.

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    The following is my initial review of the Crumpler Steamer camera bag, purchased specifically for my Sony DSC-D770 digital SLR.

    The bag itself is a functional item, with two removable padded dividers inside as well as a removable large piece of padding on the bottom of the bag. The dividers and the padding are tough, but flexible. The two center dividers are bisected halfway which allows a part of the divider to be very flexible.

    the interior compartment is covered by a flap with elastic that can hold five rolls of film. next to the flap is a zippered compartment that goes all the way into the exterior weather flap, which covers the top of the bag and secures with two quick-release snaps and velcro.

    there's also a zippered compartment along the front of the bag, but it's pretty tight inside...I managed to squeeze in a pen and a small notepad.

    According to the specs online, the bag is supposed to measure 10"x6.5"x5.5", however, upon receipt of the bag, it turns out that these are EXTERNAL measurements. Internal measurements are considerably smaller.

    My Sony DSC-D770 digital SLR barely squeezed in. with the two dividers in place, I can have output cables, a cleaning kit, a clamperpod, and a remote control in the two side compartments created by the dividers...which effectively transforms the bag into a top-loader, since the only way I can store the camera inside it is with the lens down towards the bottom of the bag. As it turns out though, this also provides the most secure fit as well as the most easily accessible camera storage method.

    I have a little bit more room for a COMPACT external the Metz 20 or a small automatic Vivitar.

    If I had a standard SLR, the interior would be perfect for a body and two compact primary lenses. Any larger lens would be a tight fit...definitely no large zoom lenses.

    The bag with the camera in it is somewhat bulky, but no bulkier than my original Lowepro topload bag. The Crumpler's large strap is canted so that the strap has to be worn across the chest, which is how I usually like to have the strap anyway. The strap is not removable, but is adjustable.

    Needless to say, I'm very satisfied with the Crumpler Steamer bag. It holds my digital camera securely and it has plenty of padding that I wouldn't be afraid of tossing it around. Also, a big plus is that it doesn't look like a standard camera bag...perfect for trips where pickpocketing thieves wouldn't know that there's a camera inside.

    I'm not quite sure where you can purchase the bag anymore. I purchased it from but now, the Steamer is no longer listed. eBags has the bag listed as out of stock ( do know that on the Crumpler USA website (, there is a list of online retailers that sell Crumpler bags.

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    I've got the same camera bag and have been using it for a while. I'm extremely pleased with it. Just so you know, I was able to fit a flash into the front zipper pocket. Its real tight and is hard to get out quickl but it fits. The way to get it in is to empty the bad and put it in then put stuff in the main compartment and it wil stretch a little then you can get it in and out w/out taking everything out. I also fit my pentax zx-30 body along with 2 lenses (28-80 and 100-300(this is definitly the limit)) into the bad. Also in the weather flap compartment i'm carrying a couple rolls of film and a set of 3 close up filters. The weather flap is held in place by both velcro and snappy things that work extremely well.

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