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Jan 21, 2006
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ok.... i thought i'd make a post for my 2'000... (thanks for making me rush these anty and mans.... love ya really :p ) these arn't really dark.. i was tempted to post these in the general gallery... but i love our gallery too much :mrgreen: .. and all i'v got is this huge monument from the new cem i found yesterday... it wasn't a great place as a whole.... no angels.... only a few crows (and they wouldn't play ball).... but the gem was this huge pillered monument with thousands of engraved names.... i believe its there because another cem had to be closed and graves removed so they erected this in a different cem to represent the lost graves. (btw the 1st & last, are a homage to jonmikals superior susan druet processing... thanks for the inspiration jm)






ha.. love ya too :hugs: thanks for being a wonderful part of TPF :D

now about the photographs... in one word...A-W-E-S-O-M-E
love the first one :D
thanks for sharing these!
^^^ Agree, AWESOME shots. I like 1, 2 and 3. Great 2000th post, Arch! (Worth the wait.)
Great stuff, Angelbaby! Love them all, but love the look of the first and last!

yay on the 2k, too!
awesome series Arch and thanks for the mention. you're conversion is dead on balls my friend!

really glad you've found a home here at TPF. it would not be the same without ya :thumbup:
Ab-so-lutely Brilliant buddy. Stunning work. Glad to have you as one of our darksiders man. Your an awesome addition
aprilraven said:

i love these shots..( is this your summer home??)

you dont know how much we enjoy you on here.....

arrr thanks raven..... who's 'we'... are you talking to the other person in your head again :lol: ...... i'm lovin you both. :hugs:

.... and yea this is my summer retreat.... keeps me cool, and there's enough room to spread my wings ;)

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