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Jun 21, 2003
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This critter is in the tree outside my work area...



They always looked to me like they were waiting patiently to have at your throat. never trust the silent slow types. :) Great Great photos. Gonna grab one for the Fiance. I am sure she will have the cute cuddly response too.
Looks can be very deceiving with these fellas. Don't be fooled by their looks as they can really make a mess of you with their claws and nasty bites too!
how did u get so close to a koala??!!!!
where the hell do u work?!

i dont think you guys all realise how amazing this photo is. Koalas arent exactly sitting in every tree!!!

Thats awesome, lucky!
Thanks Manda :)

As those who have seen my "what do you do for a living" posts will know, I am in the Air Force. Hence this guy is in a tree near dozens of extremely noisey neighbours (fighter jets). I actually climbed the tree next to his so i was about 4 metres away but at his level which was about 6 metres off the ground! Glad i did it though :)
Don't know about that manda... although they aint as common as they use to be, i still see them around a bit...

I guess it depends if you live in the suburbs or not. You do have to go looking though.

Good pictures though... pitty about the branch across the face.
I tend to agree with hojamohoho. If the branch across the face wasn't there. It would just about be the perfect photo.

(Mind you, the koala would probably have fallen out of the tree as theres no fork in it anymore :) )
Yes they are an endangered species.
Dont know where u guys are living but the only place Ive ever seen a koala was at the zoo.

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