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Nov 27, 2006
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These guys were a CHALLENGE for sure! They dont quit moving! LOL What kids do? Mom wanted all black and white though i did throw a few color versions in just because. :)
This first one seems to have focus issues now that I see it on here, I may have to toss it, crap :( lol








I love the ones of their feet! And usually I'm partial to black and white but the one of the little guy in color is to DIE for! His eyes and the colors are great! :)
3 is a great capture, but needs different processing i dont care for the tints on your b&W..
5 is a great capture and looks great in colour, but the b&W lacks OOMPH...up your contrast and brighten the eyes a bit for a winner!

last shot is toooooooo cute!
Nice work Kathi!
#3 rocks. Also the last two are faves.
Butterflygirl - thanks, I like that one in color too because I love his eyes. We'll see if mom orders it in color even though she really likes black and white. And little tiny feet - my FAVORITE!

emogirl - thanks. I know its hard for me to not take these one step further in PP. The mom used to have this lady do her kids pics in B/W a long time ago for her two older kids, 10 and 12. Well, then that lady retired and the two little ones had none. She hired me, showed me the lady's work from the older kids and said she would like to keep the tones similar so they wouldn't look so different on the wall together. LOL. So a ton of contrast was not going to lok right. The other lady did a nice job but they were sort of light or something. Can't explain. But long story short - you're right!

heip - thanks. :)
Too bad that first one didnt quite make it on the focus, it is cute for sure. The focus on the rest are good, except for maybe #7.

I love the true BW tones in #6. All I would do is brighten the eyes in some of them, and you are good to go.

Good looking kids. Thanks for sharing! :)

loving that last shot girl. gosh, you are doing so good! i'm impressed :)
hi NJ - yup, sucks about that focus on the first! darn! ;) And yes, the seventh isnt in perfect focus either but I decided to keep it in there. Yes they were a couple of cutie patootie's! :)

acaldwell - hi :) THanks, the last one is one of my favorite's so far that I have ever even taken! I wasnt sure when i took it that it was going to sork cause those little guys were moving so much! I was happily surprised when I opened it up. Glad you think i am doing good - I try to work out all the mistakes from the last shoot before making all new ones. ;)

viperjet - thanks! :)
#6 and 8 are my favorites! Although on #8 I think i would have preferred the front feet in focus and then have the focus fall off toward the back.

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