D-76 1:1 How to dilute


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Mar 8, 2009
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Everywhere I looked for, the say diluting 1:1 and they take for granted that information.
If anyone can help me, I want to know that after Ive mixed up the bag of d-76 with the water. Thats the d-76 full streght????, and 1:1 would be adding water to that mix .???
Yes. 1:1 simply means taking the full strength developer [mixed to provide the quantity listed on the package -- qt, liter, gallon, etc.] and diluting it with an equal quantity of water.

In general, you would make up the D-76 to full strength and then dilute some of it as needed, keeping the remainder at its original strength.

As a normal procedure, I've found that Snapple(R) bottles hold enough developer to fill my developing tank. I make up a batch of D-76 and apportion it out into Snapple bottles, filling almost to the top. 1 gallon = 7 bottles. As there is little air trapped in the bottles, the developer keeps well. I use it a bottle at a time [1 bottle = 1 tank of film] and discard it after use. Same with the fixer.

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