D3000 image too dark problem


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Sep 28, 2015
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I am getting image too dark when using P mode and the flash comes on during outside daylight photos. Through the view finder things look OK. I have reset the camera back to factory default setting with no help.

Is this a sign of something dirty, or a bad sensor somewhere on the camera?
Show us an example please.

The image as seen through the viewfinder has little relationship to the actual exposure, which is what you see after the photograph is made.

Without seeing what, exactly, you are talking about, it is going to be difficult to understand what is going on.

Please post an example of the problematic photograph here. If you post it from your computer, the metadata should stay intact which will help a lot.
Check to make sure you have not accidentally set Exposure Compensation.
See page 76 of the D3000 Reference Manual (on the software disc).
It's fairly easy to inadvertently set EC on D3x00 Nikons and it sounds like EC may be set and set to a rather large -EV value.
If the camera is pointed at a dark enough scene the

To keep the view in the viewfinder as bright as possible for both you and the auto focus system the lens is always at is largest opening (aperture).
The lens stops down when the shutter is released.
Only P mode, or does it happen in A and S as well? If it's in all three modes, that's a definite indication that exposure compensation is set. I don't think the flash is supposed to pop up by itself in P mode, though.

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