D3100 and photobooth software?


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Mar 12, 2012
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Sorry if i posted this in the incorrect place. But I am attempting to put together a photobooth for my wedding with my D3100 but im having troubling finding compatable software for this camera. I found one program called photoboof that worked great but requires nikon camera control which doesnt support the d3100. I did find a 3rd party program called diyphotobits that will take pictures from my computer but wont work along side any photobooth software. any help would be appreciated.
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What exactly are you trying to set up. I've set up a few wedding photo booths and never needed any software. If it's a 'manned' booth, you just have someone there to take the photos. And if it's an 'unmanned' booth, you just set the camera to self timer and use a remote shutter release (short cord works great). They press the button then get into place as the camera counts down.
with the software it has the ability to take multiple photos and put them together in a collum of 3-4 photos and print out 2 collums of the same pictures on a 4x6 which can be cut in half either by hand or automaticaly by a very exspensive printer. which leaves one printed out copy for the guest and one for us. having it set up with just a button with the camera would work but we want the traditional print out of a photo booth without renting one out.
OH...you want to print the photos.
Typically we don't do that on-site.

Although, I've shot a wedding or two where they just rented an actual photo booth.

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