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Jun 10, 2013
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I know this topic has been discussed, but I have some anxiousness about purchasing my first DSLR. (A trip to Yellowstone has really made me want a new camera!)

Best Buy and Walmart have a package deal on the 3100 right now, throwing in the 55-200 lens for $499.

I can get the 3200 for $549 without an extra lens. (also on sale)

I am a crop-aholic, so I am leaning towards the 3200 and purchasing an extra lens later... but my friend who has just purchased the 3100 says she loves it and I will probably want the extra lens right away.

I currently have a Nikon point and shoot coolpix (10mp). I shoot a lot of wildlife and the extra zoom would be nice to have. I am a complete novice, and just enjoy playing around with editing pictures, but would like to become more skilled in photography.

My biggest question is, will it be worth it to get the D3200 now and to wait a few months for the extra lens? Or is the 3100 just about the same camera for less money AND I get the extra lens now. (no delayed gratification :D )

Here are some pics I took in Yellowstone with my point and shoot Nikon.



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Absolutly go for the D3200.
The D3100 is a good camera but the the D3200 is much more then just few more mega pixels, the low ligh capabilities are better and in general this is the next generation of Nikon entry level DSLR it simply has new thechnology in it.

I would go with the D3200 in a heart beat if I was choosing one of these 2 cameras.
Worry about the extra lens later.
Yeah, the D3200

But i went for the D5200, i found the D3200 missing a lot of features i wanted and would have regretted it, though it`s a bit more expensive.

I have a D3200 and I can vouch for it personally. It has great low light capabilities, compared to a few other DSRL I've used and my old DSRL which was a D40. It does have a fair amount of megapixels, great control over your photos, and while you may not it is always a plus that it does some pretty damn good video.
Yeah, the D3200

But i went for the D5200, i found the D3200 missing a lot of features i wanted and would have regretted it, though it`s a bit more expensive.


Thanks John. What were the features that were lacking in the 3200? I am just curious... $549 is already splurging for my budget.
Yeah, the D3200

But i went for the D5200, i found the D3200 missing a lot of features i wanted and would have regretted it, though it`s a bit more expensive.


Agreed if you can afford the D5200 then go for it.
But I have a feeling the D3200 will be just fine as well for you.
A couple of the big differences are that the D5200 series has 39 focus points, whereas the D3200 has 11 points. Exposure and White Balance bracketing is another feature the D5200 has, that the 3200 lacks. Hence the increase in price on the D5200. There are other features also... but will let someone who has actually used one go more into it. If you are just starting out.. you won't miss the extra features... and won't outgrow the camera for years to come.... get what you can afford!

Side by Side Comparison: Digital Photography Review

The D5200 has a better focus and exposure system, exposure bracketing, 14 bit raw, articulating display, stereo microphone, built in hdr, able to load color profiles like Kodachrome and others, more video modes and video resolutions, faster continues shooting, higher max iso, more scene modes i think, more flash modes, white balance bracketing i did not know this one myself :)

You can compare both cameras on the Nikon website.

But at the end of the day you dont need these extra features to take great photo`s and the video mode might not matter to you, and you can only afford what you can afford.

to start shooting with a dslr a d3100 is just fine.
i` ve got mine since 2 years and i love it.
i never thought about buying the d3200 and when i want to jump on a bigger system, i would buy a d7100 :)
just have a search for the d3100 on flickr or 500 px and see what great pictures others have done with this camera.
in the beginning you just don`t care about more focus points or megapixels.
also batterylife is much better on the d3100.
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I would love a D7100 myself, but it`s nearly twice the price of an D5200 and i cannot justify the cost. :(

Get the D3100 with better lens, with the same kit lens, don't think you can tell the difference in PQ between the D3100 and D3200. IMO if you are starting new either the D3100 or the D90 if you have a limited budget.
why don't you think about D5100, in my opinion it is batter than both D3100 and D3200 and beat both in almost every aspact, and will you cost same as D3200. If you are not thinking to upgrade body in short future then go for D5100. And buy another lens after some times, and you will have some time to explore the capabilities do DSLR. D5100 last you long and won't dissatisfie you
If money is tight most comparisons between the D3200 and D5100 do recommend the D5100, as the D3200 is a beginner camera, and the D5100 is for more advanced users with more features, though if you can afford it i still recommend the D5200.

I think you should go with D3200 , which is full HD , great image quality with great color depth , one of my friend used it.So try for it.

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