D3200 Button Fade/Wear


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Aug 8, 2014
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The buttons to left of the display on my D3200 (playback, menu, zoom in/out, info) are fading pretty badly. Has anyone else experienced this? I won't forget what the buttons are but if I were to want to upgrade my camera in a year or two I can imagine it being a sticking point on a sale if those buttons were no longer labeled. I tried looking for stickers I could put on but didn't find anything.
Isn't this normal wear & tear?
If you keep your fingers or palm on this side of the camera you can wear off the painted icons pretty quickly.
It is, was just wondering if anyone had a way of preventing it.
only touch the buttons when you need too
Don't rest your palm or fingers on the buttons to prevent it.
Are you chipping after every shot ? Because I have noticed most digital shooters seem to check after every shot if you use the meter properly you shouldn't need to

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I don't chimp very often, when I'm with my tripod doing landscapes I'll review shots on the fly but otherwise I don't. At least not to a huge degree. I think I'll cut off a bit of rubber from my water bottle and stick it on top of the buttons.
Cleaning fluids or the amount you sweat eats through artificial paint. If its the latter then probably wont be able to stop it. I personally have dry hands because i'm a germaphobe but my buttons still look like they came out of the box.

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