d3200 how do I shoot myself?


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Feb 20, 2012
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I have AF-A and a 10 second timer set, and whatever the camera focuses on before the timer it stays in that focus range. I am looking rather blurry. With my old camera I could just walk to where ever and the auto-focus would find me. Is that possible with this camera? What setting?
When I'm doing self portraits like that, I use live view and turn on face detection. It actually works really well for me. Not sure if the D3200 has that capability or not.
Just get an ML-L3 Remote Release. I have one and really like it....
In general I would prefer my cameras to focus before the countdown, and not sure if you can change it. As mentioned AF-C is probably your best bet.

But if that doesn't work then you can definitely go manual. Just focus on where you are about to go sit/stand and then flip the camera to manual focus. That's probably what I would have done from the beginning.
place something like a lamp where you will be and focus it, then hit the button, run, push lamp over, smile!

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