D5,"I'm coming soon"


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Jul 3, 2004
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Well the teaser video made me jeez in my pants, so I already did.

Actually I don't even know if this is old news. I haven't paid attention to camera news for a long time and this just popped up on my FB. Hope this excites some of you guys.
Not as much as the D400/500 will!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin-93: :BangHead:
OMG what a beast, I am impressed, very impressed!
I want to know why it's using a 20mp instead of a 24mp sensor. Must be due to the speed for processing.
15fps is nice though the canon 7dm2 is still faster.
Not like I'll ever be able to afford one anyways.
?? 7d2 is 10fps
Pure catnip for the drooling fanboyz on rumor sites everywhere.
Wow if there is any truth to this canon 1dx better step up big on the next version.
I want it but I have a feeling at 172 point auto focus, I'll still miss [emoji31]

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So I just emailed the staff at nikon rumors and was emailed back that this was 100% fake.
Wow if there is any truth to this canon 1dx better step up big on the next version.

I dont see anything that would make any real world difference except the 4k if video is your thing. There gets a point where more focus points is marketing rather than functional, and 15fps is very minor over 14fps but it probably does do 15 with full function, I think the 14 on 1dx has limitations, 12 has full function, but still a 1dx is a monster
I would have to agree that the fps on these top end cameras are more then sufficient. Any more fps or focus points just seem over the top. At this point just sensor improvement and I think maybe the menu systems could be updated some.

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