D5100 advice on video for cheerleading


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Feb 14, 2012
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Milton, Ontario.
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Anyone have any suggestions on where to start for shooting video on a Nikon D5100. I might try to capture my daughter at a cheerleading competition.

[She's got a two day competition this weekend. 1st I'm going to shoot pictures. If that goes well, I might try to do video the second day. But I've only used the video feature on my Nikon D5100 once (on purpose) so just clueless where to start.]

I've read you can't change aperture while filming? So I'm guess that if I want it to be at f5.6 (let's say), I have to set-up in A-priority 1st, set f5.6 and then put it into live view?

We're just heading out the door for the 1st competition today.

I'll try to scan through and play with the video feature of the camera tonight.

Any help greatly appreciated.

You're opposite, you can change aperture but not anything else.

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