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D600 Help, Strange Line along right side


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May 23, 2013
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Hello, My apology if this is posted somewhere else but I'm curious if anyone more experienced can help me with this strange and annoying issue.

Purchased a D600 recently and find all pictures have a line down the right hand side of the lens.:

$1-ARC_1746.jpg $1-ARC_1576.jpg

Does anyone know what this is? The camera is relatively new (one month) so it is still under warranty should it be a serious issue. Digitally cropping it out isn't a huge deal it just shouldn't need to be done on this model of camera. Oh, and the lens is the Nikkor 24-85mm standard kit.

Many Thanks
The line is down the right side of (top of in vertical orientation) the image sensor, not the lens.

I would send the camera off to Nikon Service.

Your profile doesn't indicate what country you are in.
Are you shooting raw or JPEG?

And what software are you using?
@KmH --> Ugh, that was not what i wanted to hear but what was suspected. And Nikon doesn't replace defected cameras only repair them. My previous DSLR (a 5200 from the early 2000s) was sent to customer service for a repair to the focus and never worked properly afterwards. I'm in Canada and the camera is about 3 months old... it has been like this since purchased... just finally got a chance to take it out on the town for the first time. :( It may be under warranty from Henry's (I'm in Canada) so *crosses fingers*

@480sparky --> Yes, I shoot in raw for the most part not that i do much image processing yet. Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and *cough*Picassa*cough* as well as the Nikon software that comes with the camera are installed on my computer. All this photo stuff is new, I'm just learning.

Thanks for your replies. I'll check the warranty, grrr.
I think sparky(?) has already identified this as a known problem in picasa's handling of the new enormous RAW files from the D600 (and possibly D800 as well, but maybe D800 users never use picasa). This is consistent with my own research.
@sparky & amolitor ---> is this really due to my embarrassing and lazy use of picassa? that would be good. can't stand the .nef files ... need to update my software or figure out nikon's. well if it is it serves me right! *crosses fingers this can be solved with a learning curve*
You know what?! You folks are spot on its Picassa! :D Just checked the Nikon software and am downloading the .nef codec now. Nearly had a panic attack last night. wooten.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you.
You might simply need to update your software.... it may not be able to 'properly' handle D600 NEFs.

For everyone's information: Not all raw files are the same: even within the same manufacturer. A D600 NEF is different than a D800 NEF, and they are different than a D60 or D90 or D5100......
I can tell you that d800 do this in photomatix when you merge for HDR,

its probably just the software and how it handles it. like said above

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