d610 spots/oil on sensor too!?


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Mar 1, 2013
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A while ago I posted about my d600 which was gathering dirt on the left side of the sensor, through the advice here I worked out I could get it fixed for free which I did, but the problem continued, I then found out I could have it upgraded to the d610 for free as it was the second time, so I did... AWESOME! But........................... A few thousand photos in and I am noticing a large number of spots on the top left corner of the sensor..... AGAIN!!!!!!!!! This is getting quite ridiculous.... I find it hard to believe any large company could muck things up that bad, let alone nikon who I don't believe are a bad company at all.

Does anyone have any advice for me? From searching the net I don't see that nikon have accepted the problem is still there or would upgrade again, maybe a d800 now?? I can keep going until they run out of cameras (or just fix the damn issue...). And if all they are going to do is another bodge job of fixing it I don't want to keep taking it in every few months........ Does anyone have any more advice for me? Other than this issue I absolutely love the camera but this problem completely ruins it :(
All cameras with interchangeable lenses need their sensor cleaned now and again. The d610 is no different, this doesn't necessarily mean it's another issue. Cleans it or get it cleaned and see how it goes
I agree. Sensors get dirty while changing lens and other common uses. Always be mindful when changing lens and keep the body pointed down to minimize dust that may enter the body.

Try getting the sensor cleaned like Jaomul suggested, and go from there. Nikon generously upgraded those with the D600 to the D610, but you won't get a nicer camera out of them.
Other than this issue I absolutely love the camera but this problem completely ruins it :(

If it's completely ruined, I'll take it off your hands for free. Since it's ruined and all and of no value.
Talk to Nikon and see if they'll clean it for free, including free shipping to and from them.
Can you post a picture - white wall example of the spots ?
Cleaning a DSLR sensor is part and parcel of owning said DSLR, just like oil changes are part of owning a car.
^^^^ did a Nikon beat you up some time in the past Gary?
A few thousand photos in and I am noticing a large number of spots on the top left corner of the sensor.....
Wow, I thought people on this forum were a bit nicer than that :( As I said, I've only had it for a few thousand photos (or about 6 weeks I think it was since I got it). And the spots are ONLY in the top left corner, exactly where they appear in d600 with the problem. And I never said it was worthless, I said I absolutely love this camera, as much as I loved the d600 but it's the equivalent of having a Porche that you love with a massive big dent in one corner, it's still a Porche but.... I don't think I'm wrong to be a bit disappointed in Nikon for replacing my dented Porche with another dented Porche....

Anyway, I don't have a clean white wall where I am now but here is a pic from last night (number 2340):
Yep, those are kinda there :p
That's why I might buy the D750 instead of a D600/610...
I am very careful tho. My D5300, with 8k pics taken, is cleaner than that.
And I'm always swapping lenses - Once in a while I get my blower to blow the mirror and the lenses.

The D610 is actually a very reliable camera, it doesn't suffer from the issues the D600 did.
Every camera that has interchangeable lenses is prone to sensor dust,
It really depends on how the user changes his/her lenses and how many times.

I am not saying your D610 doesn't have some issue with the mechanism, every model has lemons, maybe you got hit with one but again its not uncommon for a DSLR to get dirt on the sensor.
Get it cleaned and if issue persist then complain to Nikon and see what they will do.

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