D7200 vs 610 iso question


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Apr 6, 2014
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Trying to understand "native iso ."

Nikon 610 has a max native iso of 6400.
Nikon D7200 has a max native iso 25600.

So would shots st higher iso as 10000, 12000, 16000, etc. on the D7200,
in general have less noise than shots from the 610 at iso 6400 ?
I haven't specifically gone through the specs, but I'm going out on a limb and say "not a chance in the world!". D610 is a full frame camera, the d7200 is an APSc, it will find it hard to match the low light performance of the D610 let alone beat it by that big a margin.
Absolutely not, the d7200 has native iso of 25600, so it should in theory be better than the d7100 for example that had a native value of iso 6400 (same size sensor, photosites, similar tech).

The d610 may have a smaller native iso but it is very noticeably better at all shared iso values. When the d610 goes into expanded iso, its basically its iso 6400 pushed with software. This will lead to quicker deterioration than in its native zone, but it is "that much better" to start with that it still beats the d7200 at shared values, native or otherwise
Thanks Raj & jao

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