Dark Knight themed wedding photo


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Jun 23, 2011
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Client asked me to do something fun for them.. I like to leave photos as pure as possible after weddings, but felt after the request I felt like I could just do my best to make something different for them!

The groom dressed as batman in an authentic style home made suit ( mostly bike gear modified over a course of two years of effort) BTW this wedding was on halloween.

So i found a photo of them I felt fit the mood and just did some shopping.

*disclaimer. I am not by any means a photoshop pro! I barely know my way around other then editing photos for basic viewing. I added a little grain, some clone tool and took out the color. Then I added back in the flames. I just did my best. would you be embarrassed to give this to a client or just do it?

I also added a little dimension by placing them half behind and half in front of the joker.


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