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Feb 1, 2004
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Can anyone help me transform this into a picture that might well go into the Dark Side Gallery? I have tried this and that and have never been happy with the results I could get out of it, so now I am putting it up for a challenge. You might know more tricks in PS than I do and your ideas might throw me all overboard ... or you will have to tell me that this photo does not have the quality for a Dark Side picture.
Just quickly ran it through, giving it one of my fav 'dark' treatments... (in a nut shell) desaturated second layer, blend through, third duplicate layer, burn for vignette edges, layer mask through, contrast adjustment layer... done.

I was also tempted by b+w, but you caught nice colours with this one. Also if it were a high rez image i would have dodged the face out more and maybe even tighter crop to get right into the statues features.

Love the shot tho Lafoto, its beautiful :thumbup:

I see Archangel beat me to it but here's my take:


I agree with Angel, it is a nice shot!!
Excellent image Corinna. What a beautiful statue.
Nicely done Angel and Calliope.
I liked the shot too and had lots of fun playing with it even though I understand negative images are a bit of a no no? :mrgreen: :roll:

It's a great picture, and I had to give it a try too. I don't have much of a result to show you, compared to the ones above. I find that the hard part is to make the statue step forward from the dark and "muddy" background, 'cause it's a dark statue as it is.. Isn't it?
Oh. I had to do something with this.. Hope you don't shoot me for this, but here is my idea.


Jepp, it's a siggy, and it took me 5 mins, but at least it is dark.. Isn't it?:lmao:

Wow, Foffen, I had not seen your idea for a sig made out of my statue pic before. I won't shoot you for that, hey, why would I? This is great! I really like this. It is a very darkside sig, and I don't quite feel I am there yet, my photos mostly not being too darkside in character but I still like a lot what you did with my statue! (This would have gone all overlooked by me had not Duncan worked on my statue, too, thank you for that, Duncan!!!)
Hehe. I never really thought you would use it, but I posted it anyway. Im glad you liked it. :)

Good to have you back from the states, anyway. Hope you had a great time. :)

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