Dartmoor landscapes


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Jan 21, 2006
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yep this is what 'the outdoors' looks like near where i live, some of you have mountains, deserts, plains.... we have dartmoor, amoungst the largest open wilderness in england... remember the phrase 'stay off the moors' in american werewolf in london.... yea, that kind of moors... just thought i'd show you the colours and textures it has this time of year, come summer this will all be plastered in green bracken.




Cheers for lookin :D
All stunning but the last one works the best for me, where these taken recently?? It's just I'm trying to figure out why its never sunny when I go out these days
Thanks, yea these were about 3 weeks ago, had a bit of sunshine down here for last couple of weekends... except this weekend when it went back to pi$$ing it down :D
nice landscapes, arch. love the colors and clouds in the first one...
Better quit with the moors references, or Aprilraven's gonna be daydreaming of you (Heathcliffe to her Cathy) in a long coat, in front of the castle, with the wind howling etc etc.

Very nice shots. What lovely (albeit stark) scenery. I love seeing pics from TPF'rs areas of the world. [Did you borrow Woodsac's cloud machine that he's been closely guarding?]
Wow, cool, that is where you live?
When can I come visit?
But I don't want to go to that prison!
Is it still there?
Still "active"? That famous Dartmoor Prison?
These three are all very impressive and I think (but can't really decide) I like the second best. But I also like the third ... and the first :scratch: ... tough decision!
Thanks guys,

Lafoto, yes...im impressed you knew... the famous dartmoor prison is still there and active.... i did get a few shots of it but wasn't too happy with them... i'll try again next time... but i wasn't sure if thats legal??.... can you photograph a prison with a tele lens?... i may get shot by a security guard?.. :lol:
these are fantastic arch! :D great saturation and deep DOF :thumbsup: and yeh I remember that movie :lol: love it "There's no food here" dunno why that line sticks in my head; and of course the line you quoted :thumbsup:
arrr dartmoor memories of soo many gashes blood and brocken bones and bikes. captured the essence realy well i like :D
thanks jon :thumbup: ...and thanks hotshot :thumbup:

Beautiful shots angel! Love the colors and I'm sure all know that I love skies - and this one rocks! :thumbup:
Great stuff, thanks for posting! I expected to see Baskerville Manor with Holmes and Watson pursuing a large hound across the moor!
These are great :thumbup:
They remind of some places around here where the desert starts to mingle with the mountains :D
i like them all but will also pick out #2 as a favorite.

i think that right of way(road or pipeline?) gives a better sense of how large the place is and gives me a better sense of the size of it.

very nice.

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