Day Time Long Exposures (Advice Please)

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Arcnewal, Dec 10, 2017.

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    Can anyone tell me what the best equipment is to get day time long exposures? Research tells me that an ND Filter is needed, but is there anything else?

    I've looked at various ND Filters online on Amazon etc, but I am unsure as to what one to purchase so if anyone can recommend one that'll be great!

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    Yes a STURDY tripod and a remote shutter release.

    As for the ND filter.
    There is no one size fits all needs.
    You need to determine how much light reduction you need; 2 stop, 4 stops, 10 stops, ???
    The following questions lead up to determining how much light reduction you need:
    • What is the lowest ISO your camera can go to?
    • What is the smallest aperture your lens can go to?
    • What is the length of the exposure that YOU want?
    • How many stops down is this from the slowest that your camera can do without a ND filter?
    This implies that you will/may need several ND filters of different densities.

    There are variable ND filters, but I have no experience with them.
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