Death Stare


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May 22, 2006
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Portrait of my sister. I just love the expression she gave me!
This is a bit too processed for my own taste. And I think this is a case where the horizontal crop isn't helping the image. It would be really cool if you had some sort of text over in the negative space. I also wish I could see more of her lips.
She looks very pretty:)
i like it in this style, the processing suits the pic IMO

Good job :thumbup:
Love the processing. Kind of wish you'd cropped the left hand border a little further right to remove the hint of the hollow of her right eye. And the bottom border to include more of her top lip. I think it's a fantastic shot though. I love the eyes with just a hint of colour! Great job.
Another lover of high-key here! (not that i'm anything special ......yet!!) and i LOVE IT.... very very cool xx
thanks alot for the comments!

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