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Nov 18, 2005
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Copenhagen Denmark
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Some of the animals at Dyrhavn (the royal deer gardens) Copenhagen...









OK there were a couple of out of focus woodpeckers, pretty yellow birds, camera shy buzzards and acrobatic rooks but hey 8 is probably enough.

It would be nice if anyone can point out what they think the weakest one is and why. I think 5 is theworst because it is too monotone and no real form.

Thanks for lookin OTE of course

i would probably agree with you on #5 for the reasons you mentioned and he's not looking at the camera... nice series though, it's cool looking when they are in velvet like that. like the frogs too... :thumbup:
Thanks for the comment. I actually hadn't (although how???) realised he wasnt lookingat the camera. I like frogs generally and it is nice to see them sitting like this all together (damn difficult as they usually panic before you can get the shot) but why didn't i see that little blade of grass in front of the eye i focused on :) ho hum.


Is this frog nicer, the wife preferes it and she is a frog!?
Nice shots but what the heck is #3 A beetle? I guess 5 would be the weakest. In #8 I would clone out the deer in the background as it is to distracting and would really help the image that is very good.

i think 8 is the weakest with the grass bluring the nose of the dear just my oppion rrp 0.00028 of a pence
Great stuff! I like that second frog shot you posted, as well. Wonderful crisp images and nice DOF in all. :thumbup:
Thanks Aric the beetle is actually a bug, a sheild bug, the most proliferate type of beetle is actually bugs like this one, it probably has a pointed nose that it uses to suck sap out of plants like aphids do. Here is 8 with the background buck quickly cloned out (I dont usually like to do anything in ps with photos)


Hotshot, i actually liked 8 because i thought it was cute and hadnt really noticed the nose, i was lying in the grass crawling along on my hands and knees to get the shot, and i actually liked the way the blurred grass at the bottom kind of framed it a little. I have a lot of similar ones, if the wife gives me time i will try and see if there is one without the nasty blurs on the nose :).

Thanks terri i was scared that the water kind of made it unreadable.

Which lens allows you to take such close up close-ups of the bees?
The maximum I can move in on insects of any kind (or tiny objects, for that matter) still gives me quite a large frame and relatively small object, and that is the "macroest" macro I can use...

Your bee-photo catches my attention most because I have spent two days trying to get some good bee close-ups while our plum trees were in bloom and TEEMING with bees and bumble bees. But I am not too happy with the outcome of my pictures in that area...

I also quite like the "emotion" displayed in your Photo 7 and am happy that these deer are in a park, so they are not in any danger of rushing out into a country road right into the traffic (sorry, I can no longer exclude those thoughts from my mind, after the two deer accidents I had at the end of October 2004 and in May of 2005).
I think the bee one is a little deceptive as about a third of the frame is cropped away so it wasnt that big, it is also a dedicated macro lense (Sigma 105ex) on a DSLR so effectivly about 165mm making it a little easier to get close to (Really nice for portraits and kid pictures if you are looking for an excuse to get one :)). It is pretty important to be able to sit down or use a tripod, you cant wave the camera at them at the end of your arms because the focal depth is only about 2-3mm. If you want to get close put the camera on manual, focus it as close as possible and then move the camera to the subject so you know you are as close as possible and take lots of pictures because they move so fast only 1 in 10 will be sufficiently in focus if it is moving. I hope you are going to take some more, i really liked your buds and catapilla and there should be so many more insects on that tree, i hope you get something other than bees as they are a bit over photoed i think, and get some nice backgrounds in too :).

BTW those youngsters in #7 just wouldnt stop kissing all the time i was watching them :).

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