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Nov 16, 2007
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the goddess of agriculture

Beautiful work, but there's something off about the eyes. If she had just turned her head about another inch or two to her left, it would be perfect.
Not a portrait person here, outdoor or studio, but can throw in my 2 cents if thats ok..

I can see what Max is saying, about a small shift of the head... With the sun to your right , that possibly would take some of the shadow from nose area , and also, as max has said, lighten both eyes... a possible silver umbrella might also benefit to highlight face and hair??

For myself on this , I wonder how it would have worked in a Vertical ? I don't like the tall grass coming directly above her head, it comes off just dark enough to appear as a feather..

IMO, a vertical would be stronger... nice photo, pretty model !
Nice shot, in particular the focusing. Too bad vast part of her hairs are really to dark, seems a drop of black ink.
On my monitor, at least.

I think the extremely dark hair works well for this shot though, really adds a bit more atmosphere to it all in my opinion. To each their own. I'm glad we can both agree on the shot being nice though. I'd even go as far to say the shot is awesome. If I could take a shot of my girlfriend in that style, I'd totally hang it. In a heartbeat. Very nice style. I love it.
Nice post processing. Nice capture. Nice Theme. A hanger, indeed.
wow....thank's :)
I'm glad you liked it..
about the photo, I think i have some problems with myself,with this kind of shots....I mean I have Ideas and themes and when i finally find some models,it's taking me sometime to get to know them and decide with my self to what shot i will use them...for example this girl, that was the first time that whe met,and somehow i just couldn't think what to do...finally after 2-3 hours i saw this place and there was something about it so I tried it...I had something in my mind but at that point it was not so clear so i couldnt really direct kept shoting and talking...
and only in the evening when I started to procces this shot I realized what i was trying to do...and then I proccesed it in PS...]:
i hate when it happens to now i waiting until she find the time to come again and work on it right...
of and i preffer this photo as it is,not vertical....i wanted to include as many of that grass as i can and with a 85 mm it wass kind of hard....thats why their not so perfect(above her head etc...),paulo you right it is a little bit too dark....but I wanted that the whole picture will look like this,with this atmosphere,and it came with a price( when i tryed to tune it, it became too bright for this photo so i didn't change it...)
thank you guys :)
yes, i imagine you wanted to present a goddes of agricolture in a 'creepy' way, with a pick of mystere, hence the 'dark' bias, and payed the price for it. Anyway, it was just pure critic, because the picture is striking. I also like horivontal composition, to give more emphasis of the "agricolture" your goddes came from... or live in. Again, nice shot.
i find the plant in front of her hair to be really distracting, and the one behind looks like its comming out of her hair... I would have mover her to your left a little.

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