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Nov 20, 2007
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Hi all! I'm Alessio, from Venice, Italy. This is my first post here, so here are a few words about me. First of all I hope my hosting service supports linking :D ! Then..well, I'm 29 years old, I am not a pro, or at least not yet.. I take shoots since 4 years...and my favourite genres are fashion, music and landscapes. What else.. I hope my english will be not as terrific as I fear..! :D

What else.. I hope my english will be not as terrific as I fear..! :D

I think you meant "I hope my english will not be as terrible as I fear." The way you said it means you are hoping you are bad. :)

Very pretty model. Nice backlighting. I'd get rid of that pink sticker on the wall, though.

I think your crop is a bit tight, as her head is bumping against the top of the picture.
Welcome to the forum. I agree on the crop. Otherwise I really like it. Not to mention the beautiful model.
thanks you both! now I have the proof (i I ever needed one.. ) that my English is terrific! :D:D:D I agree that the crop is a bit tight. What about the post-work? I'm messing around with photoshop for the first time..

Nice photo. I like the back lighting as well.
Think I'll make Venice my next holiday if the girls are as pretty as this, and the crops fine to me if you want it to be a fashion "look" H

PS: Wlidmaven, thats a container she's climbing on, the sticker will be a hazard warning.
Beautiful woman.

The eyes aren't engaging enough. They look a bit lifeless. The skin-smoothing on the face doesn't makes her look like a doll. Also, a flash of some sort would have helped to illuminate the hair.

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