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Feb 20, 2006
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Lots of bicycle accidents, since I was a kid up until a couple of years ago.
There is one I remember most... "fondly".
Some winters ago, my group started doing night rides in one of the near mounts. It did not sound like a good idea to me, but they convinced me to try it. So I strapped a light to the handlebar and one to my helmet, got some warm clothes and got off.

Rinding a mountain bike at night is a completely different feeling than riding with daylight. Balance is harder since you can't see much of your surroundings and there is shorter reaction time because of your limited sight. You have to relly more on "feeling" the terrain through the bike.

Anyway, I started getting more confidence and going faster, when... you know how Wiley E. Coyote goes off a cliff and keeps going until he realizes there is nothing supporting him and then falls? That's pretty much how it felt.

Since I was so disoriented, I could not push the bike away from me and I landed over it, more specific, my shin landed on the main tube and then I landed over my leg. I still don't know how it did not break. It swelled like a grape fruit and got a pair of bleeding holes (from the bolts in the tube), though.

The scars look funny.

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