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Oct 21, 2004
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Southwest Virginia
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I got this idea the other night, and did a quick shot of what I had in mind. It's not exactly what I wanted but close. I think I need to re-work the angle. Anyway, just wondered what thoughts were on it. Does it tell a story? I think it's self explanatory but maybe not as much as I would think. C&C are appreciated.

nothing to edit here it is perfect... Too bad there is no ashtray for the classic fifties look of a sleezy black and white movie. Bodgart narrating his own death scene. Very Very good concept I like it and Im not tht easy impressed.
I would like to see the barrel of the gun, other then that awesome work and idea.
I agree... I would want the gun flipped around
Otherwise, I think its a very good concept, well executed.
I'm interested in what sort of story this tells for you that have commented (and those who didn't) if any, to see if it tells the same story I had in mind. I'm also interested in why compositionally, it would be stronger with the gun pointing toward the viewer. I actually didn't put a lot of thought in it's direction, just knew about where I wanted it. Just thought it interesting that 3/4 people mentioned it.
I wasn't one of the people who mention the gun barrel.

To me it is a degenerate gambler's last shot at winning. there is nothing life everything is gone family money friends, Loser all the way time to check out.

Reminds me of a tv show recently cold case. Degenerate gambler has another one kill him so his wife gets the insurance money.
In response to your inquiry... I think that the gun pointed towards the viewer puts the viewer him/herself in the desperate person's place... there's normally a sense of fear/desperation when you see a gun pointed at you, and I think that angle would help bring that across.
Just my thoughts, though :)

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