Developing solution problem, dark brown color, Fomatol... storage issue?


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Jan 22, 2012
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I'm using Fomatol LQN developing solution to print some of my B&W photographs. I am keeping the solution in these black bins with lids that I purchased from IKEA. They've been sitting in my bathroom for about 3 days or so since mixing and using the solution. When I first mixed and used the solution it was a yellowish color. I followed the instructions, diluting it 1 part to 7. Today I'd noticed the solution has turned a dark brownish-yellow color (not cloudy) and the developing time is much longer. Also, the photographs do not have a true black shade.

The paper is white and unexposed, so I do not believe it is a light leak problem in the dark room. The fixer seems fine as well. Another important thing to mention is that when I first mixed the solution, I noticed after about three photographs that I was unable to achieve a dark black color in the photographs.

I'm not sure if this is a problem with the temperature or what. Perhaps a storage problem? When I first began printing it took about a minute and a half to develop a photograph, today about seven minutes for the same photograph, and again the resulting image is poor quality. When I developed the photos for about a minute and half, the black and grey areas in the photos seem to be a brownish color.

The paper is Fomaspeed RC variable 311 and I'm using wooden salad tongs to grab the photos with, though I can't imagine that's the problem.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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sounds like oxidation of the developer, how many prints did you make the first time? Perhaps the developer was old to begin with , which doesn't help.
I am keeping the solution in these black bins with lids that I purchased from IKEA.

That is most likely the cause of the problem. Use containers made specifically for storing photo chemistry.
My hc110 developer turns brown after opening, but it doesnt seem to have any affect on development.

It will change color , but it holds up for years. Deepen shades of tan is more common.

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