Diana+ camera Pinhole Photograph


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Nov 27, 2007
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My first successful Diana+ pinhole photograph.
Exposure: approx. 5min.
Film: Tri-X
Very successful, indeed, given the challenging lighting conditions here. Nice one. I absolutely love the motion from the figure in the chair (is that you?). ;)

Good work!
No, that isn't me. I'm sitting on the left, where I'm working on the powerbook you see. I didn't realize how wide angle the shot was going to be! I got lucky with the people sitting at the table. They came in and sat down during one of my exposures. I don't know if I would have set up my pinhole if they were already there.
is a diana camera pretty much the same as a holga?
is a diana camera pretty much the same as a holga?

There are some major differences, but basically the Holga is considered the modern-day Diana. Diana shots differ from Holga shots in a variety of ways, but really, they do the same basic things.
I have a comparison between the 2 cameras at my website:


They are essentially similar, but different. Which is better? Trying to define that would look like those Nikon vs. Canon vs ? arguments one often sees in these forums.

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