did I get dof??


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Apr 12, 2006
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I'm really new at this and all I have is a kodak p850.. please be kind lmao.. you can play all you like :thumbup:... so did I achive dof on any of them??

thank you for looking :mrgreen:

the kids werent suppose to be there, they just appered lmao :lmao:






Hallo, mama2aredhead, and welcome to ThePhotoForum!

I see you first asked about how to achieve a shallow depth of field with your camera to then try out the ideas --- and I must say, you are getting there. Unfortunately, with the shallow DOF, it is also harder to keep focus on the desired spot, that is something you will have to learn by doing, I think ... in these, your focus seems to always have slipped just a little.

While the first does not count for me at all other than being a test photo (I don't like it, please don't feel offended, but I just don't think the largest and brightest and most prominent part of a photo should be thus centred AND totally blurred on top of it...), in the second this shows as your focus now is on the cable that runs behind the flower.

You did well in all the middle photos (3-5), though I still find them a bit too cluttered for flower pics, and the last would be best, if focus had been fully on the blossoms. Of all the six, I like the last best, for sure!

You are on your way!
All it now takes is a little bit of training and you'll get there! :thumbsup:

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