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Feb 5, 2004
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....the Washington DC Meetup is now showing on the bottom of the index page under "Upcoming Events"!!!!

YES! IT'S THAT CLOSE!!!!! :shock: :stun: :drunk: :headbang: :wav: :smileys: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
I am so upset that I'm going to miss it.
You know, I hope the rest of you don't let Corey down. Girl is amped to meet you.
:lol: She IS putting a lot of pressure on us to be like, fun and interesting people. ;)

Corry, I hope we don't let you down! :mrgreen:
Just get drunk. Everyone/thing is fun and interesting when you're drunk.
core_17 said:

I'm pretty sure I'm just the only one that doesn't know how to HIDE my excitement. :p
Excitement? What excitement? It's just a couple days off work, flying to a fun city to finally meet up with a bunch of people I've been yakking with for the last couple of years.....no excitement here. :mrgreen:

Bace: he might not want this widely known, but Chase let me know there are TWO liquor stores within walking distance of the hotel. I think that's been the extent of his planning. :lol: And LaFoto says she wants a Kabinett Riesling, so we're already taking orders!
Damnit. You guys would love to hate me drunk.
duncanp said:
oooh, you better put london meet-ups on !

It doesn't show up at the bottom of the page until five days before the event.

And as I said IN the london meetup thread...I need to be given the info before it's put up...in this case I already did it, but so you know in the future..you have to TELL me before I can know to put it up.

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