"Die Liebe höret nimmer auf"


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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(Find the translation yourselves, will you?)

great image corinna........ i tried finding the translation but couldn't find the exact words..... a passage from the bible?...... well captured pic tho :thumbup:
Die Liebe - love
aufzuhoeren - to stop
nimmer - never

The love never stops, or the love that never stops.

What is the statue?
Very nice. LOve the monument Corinna.
Thom, I don't know if this "lady statue" is to represent an angel ... no wings ... but it is on top of a grave at Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg.
And this wording "Die Liebe höret nimmer auf" is or at least was a favourite one on headstones and other sorts of inscriptions on graves.
Yes, you are right: it means "The Love Will Never End".
Ladybear, I put it back up for you.
So sorry ... I did not know I had gone for only the demo-version of fotki when I joined and that it would end and after that only the upgrade would still allow me to hotlink pics... :( So now I put the pic to another server.
She's beautiful and very sad. What is that on the lower right a bit behind her at her knee and to the left at her feet? Is that part of the statue or something placed there?

German cemetaries are so peaceful and a much better use of space. I've visited three gravesites of my family during my trips (Augsburg, Berlin & Plauen). It was very somber but very peaceful too. People were tending their family plots, there were plants and flowers of all kinds and some of the headstones had a veritable family tree on them.
That "thing" next to her foot is snow.
We had a lot of snow at the end of March, which is when I went to that large cemetery in Hamburg, the only one with old graves around here. Most are quite modern and "down-to-earth" (terrible pun, not intended), no angels, nice headstones, crosses or so... which is why I had to travel to this one in Hamburg for some nice photos of angels and so on - and will go there again in about a week from now.
No wonder I didn't recognize it! In Florida we rarely see snow :( I look forward to the results of your next visit there :)

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