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Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by cal_gundert05, Jan 13, 2007.

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    I was hoping someone could answer/test this question/idea of mine.
    *My camera is currently 200 miles away from me, so I can't test it.

    If you're taking pics with the intent (or even just the possibility) of extracting some element/s (like a person) of the pic, can you:

    1) Take the pic as normal
    2) Take another pic without the element/s you will extract (everything else is the same)
    3) In PS, layer the 2 pics together, set the blend mode of the top layer to Difference. This would make the parts that were the same in both pics black, while everything else is some mix of colors. With the stark color differences, Magnetic Lasso everything but the black parts. Now, hopefully, you have a selection of the element/s you wanted to extract, then you apply the selection to the normal pic and cut out what you wanted to extract.

    *You would probably need a tripod for this.



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