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    OK, so i needed a photo storage bank, for when on holiday and away from home generally with the camera....and didnt want to buy 20 SD cards LOL

    so i bought the digimate III

    when it comes it doesnt have an hard drive in it... mind you it was only £20, so i went and bought a 100gb laptop hard drive and fitted it in.

    problem no.1
    i had to format the HD over a USB cable
    the Digimate needs to be FAT32... NOT NTFS,

    windows wont format any HD over 32gig FAT32... so after an hour i found smoe guy who had done his own formatting program to get round this, i formatted it and...

    Windows still says its NTFS? but it seems to work OK in the digimate?

    then i try copying my SD card (just to test it)

    i doesnt show up???
    after further reading via google, i see that the digimate doesnt support SDHC cards...only SD :confused:

    im getting a little naffed off!!

    currently im looking for an Firmware upgrade that its rumoured deals with this.

    Anyone own one of these...


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