Digital Camera lens compatability????


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Dec 26, 2005
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Hey guys. As time is going by, i am changing with technology. I used to be die hard film; however, im going to be purchasing a DSLR. What i wanted to find out is if i can use my Nikon lenses from my F100 and use them on a D50. Anyone know??? Thanks in advance.
I'm a Canon guy but AFAIK...

The F100 is an auto focus any of the lenses that fit it...will also fit the D50. I think you can even use older manual focus Nikon lenses on either of those cameras.

Keep in mind the crop factor of the D50. Because the sensor is smaller than 35mm film, the image circle from your lenses will be effectively cropped. The magic number is 1.5 So a 50mm lens will give you the field of view that you would expect from a 75mm lens on a film camera.
Another canon guy here.

Depending on what your lenses are you might or might not be able to use them. The AF lesnses you'll be able to use for sure. With manual focus lenses you will probably have a hard time metering with D50. D200 - I don't know - I think it's more compatible.

You can also use them with the canon DSLRs. You get all the functions, including metering except the auto stopdown and autofocus. You just need a brass adapter for 20 bucks.

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