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Digital Cameras and Scuba divers...


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Nov 22, 2004
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Newcastle, Australia
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Today at the office I had the pleasure of working in Customer Service, I was busy re-stickering Xbox games when a young gentleman came in with a Canon Powershot S80 and sets it on the counter claiming it isn't working, I ask when it stopped working and he replies by saying it was working until sometime on Saturday afternoon. I pick up the camera and notice that the camera has left a single drop of water on the counter (I say nothing to the customer knowing that the warranty has already left the building...) I notice that the camera smells like a mixture of sea water and something else I can't describe.
I then see that the customer has a waterproof housing which I ask if I can inspect it...all the seals were fine. :???:

Still baffled I ask the customer what he was doing with the camera when it stopped working:

"I was scuba diving" How deep? "10 metres" (housing is rated to 140m)

I continue on by asking what happened when it stopped working:

"I was photographing some fish and the batteries went flat so I changed the batteries."

Did I just hear that right? I asked him again... Same answer.

The manager was reading over my shoulder... I calmly asked him to take over while I go out the back for a minute, I promptly 'went missing' for 10mins *Queue hysterical laughing out the back in the warehouse by me*


Thank you Mr Scuba Diver for making my job the best one in the world. :mrgreen:
OMG.... how idiotic.... im mean seriously.... still, good for a laugh eh :lol:
Sometimes stupidity is unrealistic, but unfortunatly, never really surprising.

Man, what a tool.
haha thats awesome, he's lucky the thing didnt blow up in his face when he tried to turn it back on.
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

-- Albert Einstein

:lol: great story man, i dont think i could have held up without laughing
Yeah, working in retail leaves you open to a lot of dumb people - I think Bace can also vouch for this. :lol:

The other one from a few days ago: "Does the SD Card get heavier as it fills up with pictures?"

Xmetal said:
The other one from a few days ago: "Does the SD Card get heavier as it fills up with pictures?"

Well does it???? heheheheheheheh :lol:

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